Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vote for Me by Ben Clanton

Sometimes politics can get a little heated. Name calling, exaggerations, and food fights are all part of the game. Food fights? Yeah, even food fights. In Ben Clanton’s new picture book, Vote for Me, an elephant and a donkey try to sway young readers to vote for them.
 Things get pretty intense as these two candidates vie for votes. Filled with satirical humor Vote for Me is a fun way to teach children about political elections and how sometimes candidates forget what is really important about running.  But who will end of the winner of this race? 
                         You need to checkout Vote for Me to find out!                    

 Has all this talk about voting and politics reminded you about registering to vote? Don't worry, the Homewood Library can help you! Just come to the Circulation Desk and we will provide you with a Voter Registration form that either you can submit or we will mail it in for you. It's that easy!

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