Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We now have Odiogo installed here!

We now have Odiogo installed here so that you can hear our book reviews as well as read them. 

"Odiogo's media-shifting technology expands the reach of your content: It transforms news sites and blog posts into high fidelity, near human quality audio files ready to download and play anywhere, anytime, on any device." ~from Odiogo's website

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Susannah's Garden by Debbie Macomber

Just as Susannah was completing another year of teaching she had a disturbing phone call about her mother. Since her father had died Susannah's mother had been extremely lonely, her memory had gotten worse and now she was accusing her long time housekeeper of stealing. The only thing to do was visit Vivian in her home and observe her behavior. Then decide what to do. Coleville had not changed much since her childhood so visiting was a nice change. Susannah reconnected with Carolyn, her best friend for years and enjoyed getting reacquainted. Though Vivian did not want to leave her home she agreed to move into a facility after her late husband paid her a visit. Several times he visited Susannah's mother which pleased her but worried her daughter. Susannah's daughter, Chrissie, decided to help packing in Coleville since packing up years of memories and household items was a huge task. And she felt unwanted and bored at home. Chrissie met Troy and became thrilled by his attentions. His reputation worried Susannah and Carolyn but Chrissie thought her mother would say anything against him to ruin her enjoyable relationship. As Susannah continued to pack her father's papers she learned of more disturbing decisions and actions that turned her life around. Trying to tie up loose ends just raised more questions and the answers were unsettling. If only she could just go home to her husband. But somehow she would learn the truth and keep her family together.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Longing The Courtship of Nellie Fisher book 3 by Beverly Lewis

Nellie Fisher and Caleb Yoder have ended their budding relationship. This is one result of the split in the Old Order Amish Church. Caleb is determined to stay with the traditional rules and lifestyle of his youth-life in the Old Order Amish Community. Nellie and her family have found new life in the New Order church. The church split has even divided families and couples like the breakup of Nellie and Caleb. David Yoder has always been known as being proud and stubborn. In the middle of all the confusion among the People, David had a stroke which left him paralyzed and in need of help. It is very hard for him to ask for any kind of help. When friends and family from the Old and New Order Church offered their help, love, prayers and he was resistant to all but a few. Caleb, his son, does accept help with the milking when his cousin Chris offers his services. What will happen when David learns that a Mennonite is helping in his barn? Nellie's sister, Rhoda, is still in her time of running around before joining the church. And she decides to move into town, rent an apartment with conveniences like electricity and modern appliances. She has even bought a car and is driving to and from her job as waitress. Her 'fancy' boyfriend cooks for her in his apartment and wants her to stay late. This has put a strain on Rhoda's relationship with her brother, her landlord for now. What should Nellie do in her relationships with Caleb who she still loves, her sister who needs guidance and Chris who is interested in her?

Of all the stories by Lewis which I have read about the Amish I found this to be more open about the Plain lifestyle and its problems. Each book opens up more questions about a way of life which is so different from ours. People I have met from the Plain community are as different from each other as we are and they are each special.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tasty Reads meets Jan. 13 to discuss My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell

Tasty Reads (book group) meets:
the second Tuesday of the month (which is Jan 13th this month)
6:30 - 8 pm
in the Lucretia M. Somers Boardroom

Please join us as we discuss My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell

We enjoy refreshments described in or related to the foods in the books we discuss!

Contact Heather Miller @ 332-6621 or