Tuesday, December 28, 2010

QR code automatically connects you to the NEW mobile library catalog!

Take a snapshot of the QR code above with your smartphone and connect in seconds to the new mobile library catalog. No sending, typing, or searching. 

Then log in to your library account, search the catalog, and reserve items all for FREE!

You need a QR code reader on your smartphone. There are many you can download and install FREE. We prefer BeeTagg which you can get at the iTunes App Store, Android Marketplace or Blackberry App World.

On your mobile phone, you can also type in the URL m.vulcan.bham.lib.al.us to access the mobile catalog.

Employment Planning Workshops

Start the New Year with a new job! Homewood Public Library will be offering four free workshop to help you find and get the job you want. Michelle Hamrick will be presenting these hands on workshops on the Mobile Computer Lab.

Job Seeking Resources I
January 12, 2011—10:30-12:30
An introduction to internet job searching techniques. Focus will be on:
  • Job sites (BPL Job Search Guide)
  • Search strategies
  • Training resources (Including Learning Express Library)
  • Establishing an email account

Job Seeking Resources II
January 14, 2011—10:30-12:30
Build on the skills learned in JSRI. Participants will:
  • Find resume templates and advice (Including Homework Help)
  • Learn how to post resumes on online job sites
  • Learn how to fill out online job applications
  • Find interview advice

Resume and Application Clinic
January 19, 2011—10:30-1:30
  • Sign up for a 15 minute help session for your resume and / or job application.
  • Please note– you must have a resume or application in hand to receive assistance.

Tuition Funding Clinic
January 19, 2011—10:30-1:30
  • Sign up for a 15 minute help session with TFS (Tuition Funding Sources) online.
Space is limited so REGISTER for these workshops today!
Register by phone (332-6632) or e-mail (sswindle@bham.lib.al.us).

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Book Reviews for December 24th and December 25th

Here is Ms. Mollie's pick for December 24th:

The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore and Jan Brett

This book is the ultimate Christmas classic. In this well-known poem, a man tells about a Christmas night where he meets St. Nick himself. The illustrations by Jan Brett do a great job of expressing the whimsy and timelessness of this tale. Every kid needs to be introduced to the poem that has been told and shared since the 19th century.

And here is everyone's favorite for December 25th!

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

This magical story about a boy’s adventure to the North Pole has enchanted children for over two decades. Van Allsburg majestic illustrations create a serene world of magic and beauty. The Polar Express reminds all of us that it is okay to believe in what you cannot always see, because it is the believing that makes it magical.

Merry Christmas to All!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Book Review for December 23rd

Here is Ms. Laurie's pick for December 23rd.

This is a great seasonal mystery book. Someone in Chickadee Court has been stealing all the neighborhood's 12 days of Christmas decorations. It is up to Alex and his best friend Yasmeen to crack the case and catch the Christmas crook. This is a great chapter book for older elementary school kids to enjoy while preparing for Christmas.

The Society of S by Susan Hubbard

This is Ariella's coming-of-age story. She has been raised by her overprotective father, who homeschools her, keeps her on a vegetarian diet, and engages her in long conversations about philosophy. What they don't talk about is her mother, who left just after Ariella was born. At the cusp of teendom, Ariella begins making friends and pushing at the boundaries her father has set. As she learns more about the world outside her home she also discovers a deep desire to learn more about her mother. So much so that Ariella leaves home at age 13 to search for her. As Ariella disconnects from the sheltered life she's always known, she begins to become the person her father always feared she would be. For Ariella's father is a vampire, and her mother was human.

This is a very atypical vampire story. In fact, the vampirism seems to be secondary and not very important to the plot. The story really revolves around Ariella's growth and development as a person. I recommend this one to fans of Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret Life of Bees.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Book Review for December 22nd

Here is Ms. Candice's pick for December 22nd.

This is a must-read Christmas classic. When the town bullies, the Herdmans, take over the church's Christmas play the whole town is up in arms. But somehow their sincere and unusual interpretation of the Christmas story teaches the town the true meaning of the holiday. This is a chapter book filled with humor that unexpectedly uplifting ending.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Book Review for December 21st

Here is Ms. Heather's pick for December 21st.

Christmas is Coming by Claire Masurel

Juliette is all ready for Christmas! She and her stuffed animal friends have trimmed the tree and baked the holiday cookies! Now all that is left is to wait for Santa. Come Christmas morning Juliette has lots of presents under the tree, but did Santa remember her friends?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Book Review for December 20th

Here is Ms. Dona's pick for December 20th.

This book is a fun-filled scratch and sniff adventure! Olive, a tiny dog, is wrapping gifts one day when she hears her name sung in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (all of the other reindeer sounds very much like Olive, the other reindeer). She thinks that the song is a message for her from the North Pole, so she sets off on a mission to help Santa make his Christmas deliveries. This is a fun and engaging book full of delightful and humorous illustrations.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Book Review for December 19th

Here is Ms. Robin's pick for December 19th!

Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear! by Don and Audrey Wood

This book is a great holiday edition from the Mouse and Bear series. Little Mouse has so many presents this Christmas! But Bear never gets a single present, not even from Santa. Mouse learns the true spirit of Christmas as he shares his holiday with a friend in need

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Book Reviews for December 17th and 18th

Here is Ms. Judith's pick for December 17th:

Duck & Goose: It’s Time For Christmas
by Tad Hills

If you are fan of the Duck & Goose series by Tad Hill, then you will definitely want to check out this new holiday board book. Goose is too busy catching snowflakes, making a snowgoose, or skating. It is up to Duck to remind him what time it is!

and here is Ms. Heather's pick for December 18th:

Morris’s Disappearing Bag by Rosemary Wells

All of Morris’s brothers and sisters think he is too young to play with their Christmas presents on Christmas morning. That is until Morris gets the best gift of all, an invisible, disappearing bag! The whole family has a great time with the new gift until bedtime. Hopefully they can remember where they put it….

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Book Review for December 16th

Here is Ms. Dona's pick for December 16th.

Mr. Willowby ordered the best Christmas tree he could find. It was beautiful, it was splendid, it was BIG. A little too big for Mr. Willowby's parlor, so he cut off the top. But why waste such a perfectly good tree top? And so the story begins of how Mr. Willowby's tree top helps many families this Christmas season.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Book Review for December 15th

Here is Ms. Mollie's pick for December 15th

If You Take A Mouse To The Movies by Laura Numeroff

“If you take a mouse to the movies, he’ll ask you for some popcorn. When you give him popcorn, he’ll want to string it all together. Then he’ll want to hang it on a Christmas tree.” In this holiday version of the classic If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, the mouse experiences all joys of Christmas and lots of holiday fun.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Play Foursquare and "Check-in" at the Library

Foursquare is a web app that lets you keep track of where you go, get ideas and reviews from restaurants, merchants and public places, keep tabs on your friends, and compete to be "Mayor" of local attractions. It does a lot, yet is very simple to use and available on GPS-enabled smartphones. All you need to do is download the app.

Mashable has a couple of articles that will let you know more about Foursquare. It's official, Foursquare Surpasses 5 Million Users and How 5 Brands Are Mastering the Game of Foursquare.

So whenever you come to the library, remember to "check-in" on Foursquare before you check-out a book or DVD ;^P 

Congrats to Megan G. who is the current Mayor of the library on Foursquare as of this writing, but you too can try to become the Mayor of Homewood Public Library! C-ya!

Christmas Book Review for December 14th

Here is Ms. Dona's pick for December 14th.

A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote

This is a sweet story about an unlikely friendship that blossoms between two very different people. It tells the story of Buddy, an orphaned young boy who has a great friend in his elderly and eccentric cousin. A Christmas Memory shows their Christmas tradition of baking fruitcakes to send to people they admire and preparing for the big holiday in their own special way. This is a touching tale about how friendship and trust can bloom in unexpected ways. It's sure to be an interesting tale for adults and kids who are interested in local stories, as it is set in rural Alabama.

Monday, December 13, 2010

As Young as We Feel: The Four Lindas #1, by Melody Carlson

As Young as We Feel by Melody Carlson
The Four Lindas, #1 

Four girls, all with the first name Linda, formed the 'Four Lindas' club when they were in elementary school. Now in their fifties they reconnect at a high school reunion. Only one of them still lives in their hometown of Clifden, the others living in L.A., Seattle and New York City. Even though each has followed a different path in life they realize that original bond is yet strong. They are strong for each other through the trials faced such as helping an aging mother, changing jobs, and relocating. I enjoyed reading about Marley, Abby, Janie and Caroline in this first book of the series and look forward to the next. 

We have this book in the Adult Dept. and you can request it in the online catalog. It is also available in large print edition.

~Beth Hutcheson

Christmas Book Review for December 13th

Here is Ms. Candice's pick for December 13th.

Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto

Every family has different Christmas traditions and in Maria's family, they make tamales on Christmas Eve. But what happens when Maria loses her mother's wedding ring in the tamales? Soto showcases how every family celebrates Christmas differently, whether it is with food or unique traditions.

Christmas Book Review for December 12th

Here's Ms. Robin's pick for December 12th.

This is a perfect board book to teach your toddler about the magical story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. There is no way that Santa can see through all the fog on Christmas Eve. He needs a very special reindeer to help him deliver Christmas to all the little boys and girls of the world.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The library catalog has gone MOBILE!

We are very happy to announce that the library catalog has gone MOBILE!

Give it a try! On your mobile phone, go to vulcan.bham.lib.al.us or m.vulcan.bham.lib.al.us to access the full catalog. You can log in to your account, search the catalog, and reserve items. 


Use it just like the regular online catalog except it's alot more convenient. You can use it on the go! If you think of a book, audiobook, eBook, or DVD you've just got to have while out shopping, pop out your mobile phone, browse to the catalog and get it. And remember, this stuff is FREE!

Let us know what you think by commenting on this post!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Book Review for December 11th

Here is Ms. Mollie's pick for December 11th

Jeannette Claus Saves Christmas by Douglas Rees

It is Christmas Eve and Santa Claus has a nasty cold. He has been coughing and sneezing up a storm, but who can deliver the presents if Santa is sick? Jeannette Claus, his daughter, steps in to save the day. But will she be able to deliver all the present to all the little boys and girls all over the world in time?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Book Review for December 10th

Here is Ms. Heather's pick for December 10th!

Jingle Bells by Iza Trapani

This festival story set to "Jingle Bells" showcases how different countries celebrate Christmas. From Mexico to Kenya, a sleigh full of children discovers how different families of the world come together for Christmas. This book is a great way to educate your family about the different customs of other countries during the Christmas season.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Book Review for December 9th

Here is Ms. Laurie's pick for December 9th!

Hark! The Aardvark Angels Sing by Teri Sloat

Set to the tune of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”, Sloat creates a magical world where aardvarks help with the holiday mail. Aardvarks as mailmen? If you don’t believe it, simply check out Hark! The Aardvark Angels Sing!

You Wouldn't Want To... Series

The You Wouldn’t Want To… series is an entertaining and educational way of looking at some of the more grisly periods of history. By providing cartoons, helpful hints, and eyewitness narrative, children are introduced to particular historical events, people, and movements that have made history. These nonfiction books are great tools that help children understand how history was shaped and changed. In the Children’s Department, we recently added many of the You Wouldn’t Want To… books to our collection. Here are some of the newer ones we just received today:

You Wouldn't Want To Be An Egyptian Mummy!

Our Last Hanukkah Book Review!

Now that Hanukkah has come to a close we have one final book review. It is One Candle by Eve Bunting. We've mostly reviewed childish and light-hearted Hanukkah books. This story is a poignant and memorable tale of a young girl's Hanukkah tradition. The girl tells the story of her grandmother and her strange Hanukkah ritual. Every year her grandmother and her great aunt hollow out and light a potato to remember their survival of the Holocaust and those that perished in the concentration camps. They tell about how they risked their lives so they could celebrate Hanukkah. This is a deeply moving story that is well-suited for older children. It is sure to make them thankful and thoughtful during this special time of year.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Book Review for December 8th

Here is Ms. Laurie's pick for December 8th

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas by John Rex

Don’t want a doll, no dinky Tinkertoy, I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy. And only a hippopotamus will do! This beloved children’s class is a must for any Christmas. The book even comes with the sheet music in the back! Be warned though, after you and your family have finished the book, the song will be stuck in your head!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chanukah Book Review #7

The Borrowed Hanukkah Latkes by Linda Glaser
Rachel loves her mother’s latkes! So does everyone else apparently, because lots of unexpected guests are coming over tonight! But there isn’t enough potatoes or eggs or chairs! What are they going to do? Rachel suggests they ask their neighbor Mrs. Greenberg, who is always offering to help, but stubbornly refuses to come over and bother them. Luckily, Rachel is also stubborn and is determined that Mrs. Greenberg is not going to spend Hanukkah alone.

This sweet story also includes a recipe for potato latkes. They sound yummy!!
Potato Latkes
(For 5 or 6 people)
6 healthy-sized potatoes
1 egg
1 small onion
3 tablesppon matzo meal, or bread crumbs
1 teaspoon salt
Oil – enough to almost cover latkes in frying pan

Scrub potatoes. Grate the potatoes and onion. Pour off extra liquid. Add egg, matzo meal and salt. Mix.
Drop potato mixture into hot oil with a tablespoon. Fry both sides until golden brown. Drain on a clean towel.
Serve hot with sour cream or applesauce.
Eat them in good health!

Announcing new mobile ready resources and mobile apps!

Want to use your mobile phone to do some research, or download eBooks or audiobooks? Thanks to the Jefferson County Library Cooperative (JCLC) we have new web resources that are optimized for your mobile phone and apps from the iTunes App Store and Android Market!

Mobile Web

EBSCO for researching: On your mobile phone, go to our homepage http://homewoodpubliclibrary.org and tap Research. Scroll down and tap EBSCO. Log in with your library card number. Tap the JCLC Mobile link at the top. You will be taken to the mobile site for researching right on your mobile phone!

OverDrive for downloadable eBooks and audiobooks: On your mobile phone, go to our homepage http://homewoodpubliclibrary.org and tap Downloadables. Log in with your library card number. You will be automatically taken to the mobile site where you can search and check out eBooks or audiobooks!

Mobile Apps 

OverDrive Media Console v2.0 for Android or iPhone

   * Read Adobe® EPUB eBooks
   * Find libraries using the new 'Get Books' feature
   * Listen to MP3 Audiobooks

Gale provides three mobile apps from the iTunes App Store and Android Market:

1.  AccessMyLibrary Public Edition: Uses GPS to find public libraries within a 10-mile radius of the user's location then provides free access to credible Gale online resources.

2.  AccessMyLibrary School Edition: After a one-time log-in, it supplies students with free, unlimited access to their school library's Gale online resources.

3.  AccessMyLibrary College Edition: Using your college e-mail address, it gives you unlimited, 24/7 access to your college library’s Gale online resources.

PS: We're working on a mobile site for our library.

Christmas Book Review - December 7th

Here is Ms. Judith's pick for December 7th.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson

The day before Christmas, snuggled on the floor, Bear sleeps soundly with a great big snore. But his friends are determined and they won't let Bear sleep through Christmas this year! Will Bear be able to stay up till Christmas? This is a delightful story about friendship and the joy of the Christmas season.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chanukah Book Review #6

Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins by Eric Kimmel

On the first night of Hanukkah, Hershel enters a small village, expecting to see the village lit up with the lights of Hanukkah. Instead, he finds the village dark and cold. He discovers that the villagers live in fear of the nasty goblins who haunt the synagogue. Hershel promises to rid the village of these goblins, but will he be able to? And what happens when Hershel has to face the King of the Goblins? Written by Eric Kimmel and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman, Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins is a classic among Hanukkak picture books.

Christmas Book Review - December 6th

Here is Ms. Dona's Christmas pick for December 6th.

Emma’s Christmas by Irene Trivas

Emma is a sweet simple girl, who loved living on a farm. She loved her farm so much, she even turned down the Prince when he asked her to marry him. Too bad the Prince doesn’t give up that easily! This is an endearing rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas that will put a smile on your face!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chanukah Book Reviews 4 & 5

Join a young boy as he counts the lights around him and relates them to every night of Chanukah. Written by Michael J. Rosen and illustrated by Melissa Iwai, this sweet and simple story is great to teach young children about Chanukah.

Moishe the Milkman has always been a kind hearted man, giving to his neighbors when he had nothing for himself. But one night, Moishe is gifted with a magical frying pan that produces an endless and delicious supply of latkes.
Check out this video of Bob Saget telling the story of Moishe and this magical frying pan!

Christmas Book Reviews - December 4th and 5th

Here is Ms. Candice's pick for December 4th

The Lump of Coal by Lemony Snicket
This is a quirky Christmas tale about a lonely lump of coal, who dreams of being an artist. He tries to make it big in an art gallery and in a Korean restaurant, but it seems there are no Christmas miracles for this unlucky lump of coal. That is until he meets Santa Claus. Will Santa be able to give this lump of coal his true wish? Miracles can happen even to those who are small, flammable, and dressed all in black.

And here is Ms. Robin's pick for December 5th

Bear Noel by Olivier Dunrea
The animals in the forest are patiently waiting. They hear him jingling the bells and tramping through the snow! Bear Noel is coming and he is bringing Christmas with him! Dunrea’s beautiful snow covered illustrations create a magical setting for this warm story about Christmas in the forest.

Hooked on Murder: A Crochet Mystery by Betty Hechtman

Hooked on Murder is a cozy mystery, meaning that the focus of the book is not the mystery but the people involved. Characters are in the spotlight and there is little, if any, blood, gore, sex or langauge.

In this mystery, Molly Pink is accused of murdering Ellen Sheridan. The two have a history that could be a motive and Detective Heather is all too ready to arrest Molly - since that would leave Molly's beau, Detective Barry, free for the taking. Molly, aware of Heather's scheme, is determined to find the real killer before Heather finds a way to pin it on her. Meanwhile, Ellen's crochet group, the Tarzana Hookers, are falling behind in the creation of their charity blanket. Molly and her friend Dinah grab some hooks and step up to help, hoping to unravel the murder as they learn to crochet.

This was a fun book with good characters and an interesting plot. I read it as I paused between working the rows on a crocheted scarf, which made it all the more entertaining.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Chanukah Book Review #3

The Runaway Latkes by Leslie Kimmelman

Rebecca made the crispiest, tastiest, most perfect latkes. As she was frying up this traditional Hanukkah dish, three of her oh-so-perfect latkes tumbled out of the town crying, "Big and round, crisp and brown, now we're off to see the town! And YOU can't catch us!" As the latkes rolled by they got the whole town chasing after them so they could prepare them for the evening's Hanukkah festivities. This is a great lighthearted holiday read for younger kids. It even has a recipe for latkes at the back of the book!

Christmas Book Review-December 3rd

Here's Ms. Heather's pick for December 3rd-

Santa Duck by David Milgrim

What do you get when you give a Santa suit to a duck? Santa Duck of course! Nicholas Duck can't seem to find Santa to tell him what he wants for Christmas, but everyone can find him! Everywhere he turns animals are giving him their Christmas list. Who do they think he is Santa or something?!This delightful story will definitely put a smile on your child's face, because even Santa needs a little help.

Book Review: An Amish Christmas by Cynthia Keller

Meg had the food prepared, the tables set, the beverages cooled-she was ready to serve Thanksgiving to about eighteen neighbors.  Then her husband, James, told her their lives were about to change drastically.  Next step was to tell their three children that they had two weeks to attend private school and pack what they could fit into the Mustang.  Everything was gone.  On the way to New York from Charlotte they took a side trip in Pennsylvania.   The rest of the story is about the new experiences they had and the people they met in Amish country.  David, Catherine, their nine children, grandchildren and others in their community help Meg and her family during this major transition period in a new life.  This is the best "Amish" story I have read with plenty of surprises, twists and turns that were just right. ~Beth Hutcheson, Reference Librarian 

Read the interview with Cynthia Keller from JenniferVideo.com.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chanukah Book Review #2

Our Eight Nights of Hanukkah by Michael J. Rosen

This is a great picture book that teaches kids about the history and importance of Hanukkah. A young child tells readers how he and his family celebrate each night of this special holiday. The illustration by DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan is warm and inviting to the eye, it does a great job of conveying the joy and fun of the season. It is sure to be a book that illuminates and delights both Jewish and non-Jewish children.

Christmas Book Review-December 2nd

Here's Ms. Laurie's pick for December 2nd -
Here Comes Santa Claus by Gene Autry and Oakley Haldeman
Bruce Whatley, the same illustrator for I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas, brings to life St. Nick, with a special helper, in this beautiful rendition of this holiday classic. Set to the lyrics of Gene Autry’s timeless Here Comes Santa Claus, you child will fall in love with this holiday classic.

Tokyo Vice

By Jake Adelstein

The author of this book is a Jewish American who managed to get a job as a journalist at Japan's top newspaper, Yomiuri Shinbun. Adelstein writes bluntly about the various cases he covered as a young foreign reporter working on the vice and homicide beat, and delivers an eye witness view of Japan's seamier side, as well as his own journey of self discovery. Over the years, Adelstein collected sources, building ties with prostitutes, the police and the yakuza. Those relationships drew him into two dangerous stories: one on human trafficking and one on yakuza bosses buying liver transplants in America. He survives both, but not without cost to himself, his family, and friends. Publishers Weekly called Tokyo Vice "equal parts cultural exposé, true crime, and hard-boiled noir," and it is all that, plus a riveting read.

your copy of Tokyo Vice.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chanukah Book Review

In order to commemorate Hanukkah we're going to post a review of Hanukkah books for every night of the holiday!

Night #1: Beni's First Chanukah by Jane Breskin Zalben

It’s Beni’s first memorable Chanukah and his entire bear family is busy preparing Latkes and pancakes while snow falls outside their warm and festive home. Once the baking is done the family decorates a tree with berries and twigs and later the lighting of candles is done amongst a prayer. The story closes with gifts of chocolate gold coins and gift giving while Grandpa tells the story of the magical eight nights of Chanukah. To Beni “This was my best Chanukah ever.” This a great Chanukah book for early readers because of its simplicity and its depiction of a very enchanting first evening of Chanukah.

~Miss Candice

Download and read our eBooks on your iPad, iPhone or Touch

Take it to the next level!

Go ahead! Whip out your iPad, or even your iPhone or Ipod Touch. Now you can read our eBooks on Apple iOS devices! All you need to do is check out an eBook with your library card, download it to a computer, and transfer it to your favorite Apple device. 

Here's how to do it: 


1.  On your computer, download Adobe Digital Editions and create an account. Authorize the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) program with your Adobe ID. ADE will authenticate your eBooks.

2.  On your Apple device, download the free BlueFire Reader app (iTunes App Store) and create an account.

3.  Launch BlueFire Reader. Tap “Info” and authorize the app with your Adobe Digital Editions ID. 

Download an eBook:

1.  On your computer, open a browser, go to the JCLC downloadable website and log in.

2.  Check out an eBook. Click Download. A dialog box will open, select “Open with Adobe Digital Editions”. This will download the .epub (the actual book) file to your computer. The eBook will appear in ADE.

3.  On your computer, locate the .epub file in the (My) Documents/My Digital Editions folder (or the equivalent on a Mac). Send yourself an email, with that .epub file as an attachment.

4.  On your Apple device, check your email.

5.  Tap on and hold the attachment’s icon until the fly-out menu appears which says “Open with BlueFire Reader”, then select it. The attachment’s icon will change to the BlueFire Reader logo.

6.  The BlueFire Reader app will now launch and you can start reading! Once the checkout period has expired the file will deactivate from your device and your computer desktop.

More apps are forthcoming, but for now we think this is the best option for users who want to read FREE eBooks on their Apple devices. Go for it!

This article was adapted from Read Library eBooks on your Apple iOS Device.

25 Days of Children's Christmas Books

In celebration of Christmas, the Children's Department has decided to showcase our favorite 25 Christmas books. Everyday, leading up to Christmas, we will feature one of our favorites holiday books. You can click on the title of the book to reserve your copy! Be sure to stop by the Children's Department and check out our holiday decorations!

Here is Miss Judith's Pick for December 1st -
Ever thought about what your favorite four-legged friend would want for Christmas? Radzainski looks into the hearts of man’s best friend for a sweet story about the simple things that dogs love. If you are a dog lover, go ahead and check out What Dogs Want For Christmas, because it is sure to be a new Christmas favorite!