Monday, August 1, 2011

Understanding Exposure, Revised Edition by Bryan Peterson

This book made it click for me. Having been interested in photography a long time, I just purchased my first DSLR last year. I love my Nikon D90 and have enjoyed using it. It takes beautiful photos. But lately, I'd been curious as to how to take shots manually. No where had I been able to find this info. I'd bought Scott Kelby books, which are great, and other field guides and photography books, but they all left me wondering just exactly how to do that. Well, Bryan Peterson laid it all out so simply!

Now I know! All you do after turning your dial to manual is to decide which setting you want to start with--aperture or shutter speed. Most of the time, I'll think I'll use aperture. Next you adjust your shutter speed till your light meter tells you the exposure is correct which in most cases will be 0. Amazing! It's that simple! Of course, Peterson covers all aspects of photography, especially the light factor: front light, back light, side light, and his concept of "The Sky Brothers" and "Mr. Green Jeans" which are great ways to remember the different circumstances you'll find.

Peterson also speaks alot about "creatively correct exposure" which will produce more interesting photos.

Even though this book was published in 2004 and Peterson says the original one was published fourteen years earlier, it is still relevant today. I just wish there had been some updates, or a note early on in the book referencing the fact that he generally prefers to focus manually. That was a little confusing to me where later in the book he explained some of his advanced techniques of night and low-light photography. That makes a difference with today's auto focus DSLRs.

I'm so glad a friend recommended this book to me and I can't wait to try these Peterson techniques!

I just found a copy in the catalog that was published in 2010! It might have some of the updates above. So if I were you and was interested, I'd check out this copy.

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