Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Novena for Murder by Sister Carol Anne O'Marie, A Sister Mary Helen Mystery (#1)

Sister Mary Helen was told she must retire.  This is something she had been putting off.  Now at 75 someone thought she needed to rest.  So she returned to her alma mater, Mount St. Francis College for Women in San Francisco.  Soon after her arrival on the serene campus there was an earthquake...and a murder.  Detectives Gallagher and Murphy arrived to investigate the murder.  Little did they realize they would have help in finding the Professor's killer.  One of the sisters started a novena to help find the murderer.  And Sister Mary Helen decided she would also help.  Actually, she found another body.  With the number of murders doubled, Sister Mary Helen stepped up her efforts and enlisted two more nuns to investigate, also.  Retirement was not as relaxing as she had expected it to be but helping others was what she wanted in life anyway.  And she was determined to help find the one or two murderers and stop the killing on campus.    She did not expect to retire and become a sleuth.  Her natural curiosity and observation of human nature over the years of service to others drew her into this new line of work.  And makes for an enjoyable read.

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