Monday, August 15, 2011

The Long Quiche Goodbye

A Cheese Shop Mystery
By Avery Aames

Fromagerie Bessette has been a labor of love of cheese for years.  The people of Providence, Ohio, not only love cheese but also Pepere and his wife, the mayor, who run the cheese shop.  Now that both of them are choosing to slow down Charlotte and her cousin Matthew are taking charge of the operation and making changes. Along with the many tasty local and imported cheeses, they now have a wine annex and give classes in choosing wine and pairing it with cheese.  Very popular among their customers are the quiches which Charlotte prepares.  The grand opening event brought town people to taste and enjoy but during all the celebration Charlotte heard a scream and then saw her grandmother covered in blood and her landlord dead in front of the shop.  Of course, people did not believe Grandmere killed Ed but Charlotte did not trust the lawyer or chief of police to prove her innocence so she decided to investigate.  Avery Aames develops the characters of the small town as the story proceeds through the investigation and campaign for the mayoral election.  And romance is in the air both real and imaginary-or delusional.
The Long Quiche Goodbye is the 2010 winner of the Agatha Award for best first novel.

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~Beth H.

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