Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dogs by Emily Gravett

If your family loves dogs than you need to check out Emily Gravett’s new picture book, Dogs. You can certainly tell that the author and narrator love dogs, whether they are big dogs or small dogs, tough dogs or soft dogs, and stripy dogs or spotty dogs.
This lovable book is simple, but still quite entertaining. There is even a surprise ending that will sure to put a smile on you and your child’s face! Gravett, author of Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears, will warm your heart with the different illustrations and sweet expressions. The pencil and watercolor drawings by Gravett show the different characteristics of each breed. Gravett even includes an index of the breeds that are portrayed in her charming book. Dogs is recommended for ages 2 to 8, but I agree with writer Sue Magee’s recommendation for the age group of 2 to 102 or any dog lover.
Not a dog lover? That’s okay! Check out Posy by Linda Newbery and Catherine Rayner. This picture book follows Posy, a mischievous kitten with a tendency for trouble. She bounces and pounces and possesses all the endearing qualities that children and adults love about kittens. The frenzied sketches are quite different Gravett’s Dogs, but still heartwarming.

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