Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Missing by Beverly Lewis Seasons of Grace, two

Yonnie is good with animals and is a hard worker who has decided he wants to work with Judah Byler. Much time is needed to help Willow return to health and literally get on her feet again. Yonnie has good ideas and great patience with the ailing horse. While working at the Byler farm he is giving attention to Grace, also. But she is distracted with worry about her mother who disappeared one night over a month ago. Lettie had been restless for some time and then one night Grace happened to see her leave with a suitcase. No one knows why she left or where she went. Her parents, Adah and Jakob have been whispering between them. They suspect she has gone somewhere in Ohio but are not telling why they think this. The local bishop and the church members are beginning to talk about what they will do if Lettie does not return soon.

Heather Nelson is staying with the Riehl family who are neighbors of the Bylers. She is working on her thesis in this less stressful location. And her doctor at home has given her a diagnosis of non Hodgkin's lymphoma. Because her mother suffered so during her traditional cancer treatments and died anyway, Heather has made an appointment with Dr. Marshall, a naturopath, to learn about alternative treatment. Heather's father has purchased land in the area and plans to build a home for himself and Heather. He doesn't know yet about her medical status.

In this lovely place Amish and "fancy" people are meeting and learning the ways of each other. Maybe they can help one another during this difficult period while Lettie is missing.

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