Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dawn's Prelude Song of Alaska, one Tracie Peterson

Lydia Gray was a teenager when she married a cruel man because her father had made a business deal. She was the second wife of Floyd Gray after his first wife, Charlotte, had died mysteriously. Lydia lived in fear of Floyd and his abuse. When he died her life was some better except that his grown children treated Lydia badly. They were afraid she was going to take their money and their home. Fortunately, the lawyer appointed to help Lydia handled Floyd's will for her and her father's lawyer handled the trust left to Lydia about the same time. After the will was read as Floyd had directed, his children began scheming about how to get Lydia to break the will for their benefit, not hers. For some time Lydia had wanted to visit her aunt in Alaska and this was a good time to go. Lydia arranged for her travel without telling anyone but the lawyer and without taking much of anything with her. Her new life in Sitka, Alaska with her Aunt Zerelda was good. It was peaceful and relaxing. Until Marston Gray discovered her location and determined to take her back to Kansas City or kill her. From that point on Lydia and her new husband knew no peace or real happiness. After Lydia was shot she didn't even remember who she was or anything about her life. How could Marston be held accountable for all he had done?

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