Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dog On It by Spencer Quinn A Chet and Bernie Mystery

Bernie is a human private investigator with a canine partner named Chet. Chet narrates this story from his perspective. He idolizes Bernie and is proud to be his partner. His job is security and, of course, sniffing out clues and trails. Much of what is said by Bernie and other humans Chet does not comprehend.
But he observes and tells us about it anyway. In Dog On It Bernie and Chet are hired to find a girl, Madison, who has disappeared. There hasn't been a ransom demand but she is no where to be found by her parents. The clues seem to lead Bernie and Chet in multiple directions but Chet is pleased to report that Bernie is determined and persistent in finding what happened and returning Madison home. Then suddenly she appeared in Las Vegas and folks were told she was on her way home. But she didn't make it and the case continues. Now the clues take in Las Vegas and the surrounding little towns and desert areas. Madison's father is a real estate developer who seems nervous when talking with Bernie and Chet and whose business appears to be in a holding pattern. Chet was snatched by Russian mafia and tortured. He actually saw Madison but couldn't tell anyone. He was befriended by bikers and had some wild rides with them but then was taken to a shelter. We know what happens to unclaimed dogs in those places. While Chet was missing Bernie was frantic. Chet got back with Bernie using his cunning and personality. Bernie disappeared, too. What was going on? Who took Bernie and where did they go? Chet went to work sniffing out the trail and followed it. With Chet and Bernie on the job Madison would be returned to her family.

unabridged on 8 cds narrated by Jim Frangione

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