Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Angie and Cassie have been good friends and shared secrets and wishes for years. Now they are both looking for the wonderful man to complete their dreams of family. Angie even applied to a matchmaker. She was rejected. Cassie learned about it and decided to give Dr. Simon Dodson a chance to find the right match for her. Was she surprised at how cold and rude he was in that first interview! Actually, he was always like that. But the more he was business like, the more determined Cassie was to ask personal questions and find the real Simon inside that analytical mind. Before meeting the perfect match Simon asked her to complete three tasks. Each one was intended to help him know for sure that she would meet the desires of another client. One of those assignments turned into disaster with a wardrobe malfunction. The others proved to be unexpected experiences, also. Cassie fortunately had the funds to spend on this thirty thousand dollar experiment. But it would be worth it if Simon could find the man to help her have The Perfect Christmas.

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