Monday, December 7, 2009

Job Hunting at Your Local Library is Up

Yet another news story about how libraries are playing a huge roll to help people hunt for jobs during these hard economic times. Go to to see the video and read the article.

The Carrollton Public Library system in north Texas is highlighted in this video, but it could just as well have been almost any local library in Jefferson County.

Libraries and job hunting stats:
62% of libraries provide help for people looking for work online
66% say online job hunting is one of the most important services offered
70% say helping online job hunters is up this year

Books about resume writing and job interviewing are hot items and computer classes to brush up on skills are very popular.

Homewood Public Library offers FREE computer classes and if you'd like to learn more, visit our Training Lab webpage or contact Sandra Swindle @ 332-6632 or

If you'd like to request a new/different computer class or other item or program, please fill out our Sound Off! Suggestion Form.

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