Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Children's Snowy Book Recommendations from our Staff

Ms. Dona—Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin
Wilson Bentley loved everything about how amazingly beautiful snowflakes are. In fact, he loved snowflakes so much that he took wonderful photographs of them just to see how different each one might be from the next. Wilson looked at many snowflakes, and he never found two that were exactly alike.

Ms. Becky—Here Comes Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara
There once was a boy who hated winter. Then one day he ran outside to find someone covering everything with snow. It was Jack Frost! They played together in the snow throwing snowballs, sledding, and building snowmen. The boy enjoyed his new friend until it was time for Jack to leave to make way for spring.

Ms. Laurie—Snow Is My Favorite and My Best by Lauren Child
Join Charlie and Lola as they wake up to a fresh layer of snow on the ground. Lola loves everything about playing in the snow, so much in fact that she wants snow all the time! Charlie has to explain to her about the north and south poles where it snows all the time. Lola just might change her mind about always having snow.

Ms. Candice—First Snow by Bernette Ford
It is winter, and the snow is starting to fall. As it swirls and twirls through the air, a group of young bunnies experiences snow for the first time. They romp and play while watching other animals in the snow. Some children even leave a snowman in the meadow for the bunnies to enjoy during their first snow.

Ms. Heather—The Kids Winter Handbook by Jane Drake and Ann Love
Do you love drinking hot chocolate by the roaring fire? Or skating figure eights on a homemade rink? These are great traditional winter activities. But have you ever looked for special effects in the winter night sky? Or enjoyed a wintry outdoor picnic? This book has so many wonderful ways to enjoy the frosty season.

Ms. Alice—Who Likes the Snow? by Etta Kaner by Etta Kaner
Snow crunches underfoot, floats through the air, and covers the ground like a blanket. But what exactly is it and where does it come from? This book tells all about the science behind snow! It tells of snow angels, snowflakes, sledding, and even what happens to snow in the springtime when it melts.

Ms. Sara—The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
Peter is so excited because overnight it has snowed! He puts on his bright red snowsuit and goes outside into his neighborhood to enjoy the white winter day. Peter is ready to make a snowman, throw snowballs, and even make a snow angel. Then he is ready to come inside where it is warm and cozy.


April said...

What a great list!

Cheryl Burnette said...

Thanks a bunch! We try to do a small list like this each month that corresponds to our monthly theme. It's always posted here http://www.homewood.lib.al.us/TCL/readIt.html. And we have more snow stories that you can download here http://www.homewood.lib.al.us/TCL/wintertime10.pdf.