Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Fatal Feast: a Murder, She Wrote Mystery by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

Jessica truly enjoys living in the small town Cabot Cove, Maine. She realizes just how small it is when everyone she meets comments on her writer's block or her trouble meeting her writing deadline. Her anticipation of the Thanksgiving celebration is heightened this year because her Scotland Yard friend will be visiting. Her guest list for the holiday grows by the moment as she plans a traditional Thanksgiving menu for George Sutherland to experience. All the motels and B & Bs are booked so Seth is host to the Inspector during his stay. Everyday in the mail Jessica receives a letter of the alphabet pasted on an otherwise blank sheet of paper. This really made Jessica wonder what was going on. Then Jessica and George happen on the body of one of her dinner guests. The murder weapon was the carving knife used by Jessica and George at the Thanksgiving charity meal. As Jessica's unfinished book awaits, she and George try to help Mort Metzger find out who killed Hubie and why. George's visit really wasn't relaxing.

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