Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grace Will Lead Me Home by Katherine Valentine

Dorsetville is home to a variety of characters. It is a small town where people know one another, genuinely care about each other and help when there is need. Father James and Father Dennis are part of the community and people love them. But their housekeeper, Mrs. Norris, has had enough of their sloppy habits around the house. She quit suddenly and the search began for a new housekeeper for the rectory. The women who took the job were certainly unique and nothing like Mrs. Norris. Deputy Hill is well intentioned and wants to be a good lawman but he just has a way of making situations worse instead of better. What will he do next that the sheriff will need to fix? When an ex-convict moves into the rectory he is given another chance at life. The people in Dorsetville are much like the people in Jan Karon's Mitford. They are just folks living life as best they can while being themselves. Often things go better with God's grace.

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