Friday, October 23, 2009

13 Days of Halloween Horror -- Day Five


And we are back with another iconic bogeyman -- Freddy Krueger, played with great zest by Robert Englund. And featuring Johnny Depp in his first movie role.

Like all successful horror movies, Nightmare on Elm Street plays on our primal fears. In this case, nightmares and dying in our sleep. Director Wes Craven took full advantage of all the terrible impossibilities that occur in our dreams, to deliver a imaginative and visceral film. But he also filled it with plenty of gotcha moments that made you jump ... and scream! Definitely a movie you do NOT want to watch in the dark or alone.

And remember, you can find all your favorite horror movies at the library. Check back here every day for staff recommendations of their favorite horror movies.

Recommended by E.E. in Adult and R.B. in Circulation
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