Saturday, October 24, 2009

13 Days of Halloween Horror -- Day Six


Horror takes a slightly SF flavor in today's recommendation. But Director Danny Boyle is only replacing a supernatural explanation with a science fiction explanation. The scary parts are still based off our fears. The fear of viruses, of being alone, of losing those we love, of authoritative government, and of the terrible transformation engendered by anger. The last, of course, are the once human creatures who provide all the adrenaline scares of relentless chases and ambushes in the dark.

28 Days Later is also visually haunting. The image of a busy metropolis like London with completely empty streets is eerie and memorable. and Cillian Murphy, with his wide blue eyes, perfectly reflects the loneliness and confusion of a Rip Van Winkle, thrust into a post apocalyptic world. This isn't the type of horror movie that has you checking under the bed, but it does leave you thinking about other more real horrors.

And remember, you can find all your favorite horror movies at the library. Check back here every day for staff recommendations of their favorite horror movies.

Recommended by B.F. and S.S. in Computer Services.
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