Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Right Mistake by Walter Mosley

The novel is another in the Socrates Fortlow series. Like the others it is set in California. Socrates is still dispensing wisdom and trying to stay afloat.

This time he decides to start a think tank, however, this think tank won’t be one of those high fluting government sponsored tanks. No expensive suits, no one with four or five degrees behind their name, no one squirreled away out of the public eye. This think tank will involve everyday people. To start there’s a cook, gambler, suspected murderer, lawyer, retiree, ex-convict, singer, and shop owner.

They come together to talk about whatever. Any and everything is open for discussion.

While maintaining the think tank, Socrates must contend with the local authorities and others who try and thwart his idea of open dialogue for regular folks. He must also battle his own demons while trying to decide if he deserves to be loved.

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~The Circulator (a.k.a. L. Jones)

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