Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Blackbird Papers by Ian Smith

Dr. Ian Smith is famous for trying to get America to lose weight and get healthy. He has written several books on the subject. Several years ago he got the fiction bug and penned a book entitled The Blackbird Papers.

The Blackbird Papers centers on the disappearance and death of a prominent African-American Ethologist at Dartmouth College. The lead FBI investigator happens to be the professor’s estranged brother who still suffers from being the number two son. As a reader you are left wondering will his brother uncover who killed the professor and what in the world does his death have to do with Blackbirds?

I could use words like spell bounding, riveting, and suspenseful to describe it, but that would be cliché. Start it, if it doesn’t grab you by page fifty, put it down.

You can reserve The Blackbird Papers in the catalog.

~by The Circulator (a.k.a. L. Jones)

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