Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Homewood Public Library Receives 3 Star Rating in Library Journal

Star-rated public libraries
As readers peruse the accompanying tables, they should be aware of the following characteristics of the Library Journal Index of Public Library Service:

  •  This is an index of public library service output only and as such is determined equally by four related per capita output indicators: visits, circulation, program attendance, and public Internet computer use.
  • Libraries are scored in relation to other peer libraries based on total operating expenditures rather than on community population.
  • Scores are calculated using statistical methods that make year-to-year comparisons more accurate than other ranking approaches.
  • A library's standing on this index will be meaningful if its leaders thoughtfully examine the four service indicators and note its standing on each among peer libraries. 
The library's community 
The location of a library community or its demographics can have a dramatic impact on its service levels. 

Organization and funding 
Library service output can also be influenced by how a library is organized and/or funded. 

Leadership and management 
Beyond these external factors, service levels can also be affected by how public libraries are run and the philosophy management espouses. 

An output-based index 
Traditionally, many public library decision-makers have focused on circulation alone as the performance indicator. Today, the full range of services includes electronic access, facilities use, and programming. So there is no compelling reason to give greater weight to one type of library use over another. Besides, weighting is an arbitrary process that it is best to avoid. ~from Library Journal's website

Read the entire article America's Star Libraries: The LJ Index of Public Library Service 2009.

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