Monday, November 28, 2011

Plaster and Poison: A Do-It-Yourself Mystery by Jennie Bentley

Avery and Derek have finished remodeling the house on Becklea Drive and now are waiting for it to sell.  Until that time when they can buy another fixer upper they have been hired by the owner of the local Bed and Breakfast, Kate, to remodel the carriage house.  Kate and Wayne plan to live there after they are married rather than living in the B & B.  With a two month deadline, Derek has begun his work on the remodel and Avery has planned the decor.  One morning when checking the loft area they were shocked to find Kate's ex-boyfriend  who was very dead.  Soon after that Derek's step sister disappeared.  This small town of Waterfield, Maine, has had a murder case with each house Derek and Avery have given new life.   It does tend to slow things down when they need to suspend work until the investigation is over.  Who killed Gerard and what happened to Beatrice?  Did she just leave or was she kidnapped?  Friends and relatives tried to account for her whereabouts so they could find her.  They even wondered if Beatrice was involved in Gerard's death.  Someone in Waterfield must know what is going on. 

Place a hold today!

~Beth H.

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