Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Outsider by Ann H. Gabhart

When Gabrielle was young she and her mother had entered a Shaker community to live and grow in peace and harmony.  Through a gift of the Spirit, Gabrielle had a vision of a fire in the barn and because of this she was able to direct someone to the spot where one of the brothers was trapped.  The doctor who rescued Nathan treated the burns and stayed with this Shaker brother giving treatments and exercise for his legs.  According to the rules of the community, Dr. Scott was an outsider who must have permission to speak with members of the Shakers so they would not be exposed to worldly influences.  Dr. Scott met Gabrielle when she was attending Nathan after the fire.  Their opportunities for communications were limited but he made a point of seeing her later when he came to check on Nathan's progress.  It was after Gabrielle and Dr. Scott met in the woods that she was put under months of constant supervision.  During that time Dr. Scott joined the Kentucky Militia to fight redcoats and Indians in the northern territories.  His thoughts went often to the beautiful girl in the Shaker community and she thought often of him, too.  Her ever present guard did not trust Gabrielle but could not know what went on in the mind of her charge.  Would Gabrielle endure and be trusted again and would Dr. Scott survive war and continue in his efforts to bring Gabrielle away from the Shakers?

~Beth H.

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