Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here's to Friends by Melody Carlson, The Four Lindas book 4

Abby, Caroline, Janie and Marley have reconnected in Clifden, Oregon, after years of living in other parts of the country.  As each experience challenges such as a strained marriage, the remodel of the family house, a long distance romance and abandonment of a child, the four Lindas are support for each other.  Abby has opened the doors of her bed and breakfast but business is slow which is frustrating.  Why isn't Paul more enthusiastic about her hard work and dreams?  Maybe Bonnie is more than a business associate to him.  Sylvia and Leah appear at a perfect time to help care for Hunter but is Sylvia competing with Marley for Jack's attentions?  And when Lisa arrived at Janie's home obviously needing help in kicking her addiction, the Lindas and their other friends come together in caring fashion.  Convincing Lisa to work at rehab was another challenge.  Life was looking bleak until the Lindas opened up to each other for help and strength.

~Beth H.

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