Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Under a Maui Moon by Robin Jones Gunn

Carissa and Richard have been married for twenty-four years and raised a terrific son in Portland, Oregon.   What a wonderful time for them to become reacquainted.  But instead they have been growing apart.   They just weren't communicating or showing love for one another.  Then Carissa lost her job working for a group of physicians.  Before she left the office, one of the doctors offered her the use of his cottage on Maui for a vacation.  He and his wife would not be there again for several months.  Carissa made flight reservations and took off without talking to Richard or her sister or mother about where she was going or why.  Maui was a lovely spot for letting go of stress and lots of confusion.  The people she met there were hospitable and caring.  What better place to breathe in God's love and guidance.  What better place to rekindle a marriage.

Place this book on hold in the catalog. It is available in large print too. 

~Beth H.

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