Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Turn in the Road by Debbie Macomber

Bethanne Hamlin has a difficult decision to make.  Six years ago her husband of 20 years, Grant, left Bethanne and their two children to be with a younger woman.  That did not work out for him and now he wants to reconcile with his first love.  But she is a changed woman.  To give her time to reflect and decide whether she wants this or if it is even possible, she agrees to accompany her ex mother-in-law, Ruth, on a cross country drive to Florida.  Ruth is going to attend her fiftieth high school reunion and hopefully get reacquainted with her high school sweetheart.  

Bethanne's daughter was recently deeply disappointed by her boyfriend's behavior.  She, too, has decided to go along for a change of scenery.  The places they go and the people they meet on the way make for an exciting trip for all three women.  When they get back to Seattle, Bethanne's son will be getting married.  Then Bethanne needs to have an answer for Grant and Max, the biker she met on the trip who gave her a new perspective on her life. 

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~Beth H.

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