Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Lancaster County Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher

On their way to meet Jamie's father for a Christmas cruise, the red convertible went off the road and into the pond of an Amish family.  Consequently they were unexpected guests in the home of Mattie and Sol Riehl and son Danny.  Jamie and C.J. easily warmed up to Mattie who was petite and quiet as well as friendly and hospitable.  Sol was a large man and stern but this first impression of him changed as they came to know him.  Danny was an inquisitive child who liked everyone.  When he disappeared, C.J.'s training and experience in search and rescue was a great help to all.  And Jamie was able to help Mattie focus her attention on things other than worry.  The differences between Amish and 'English' are obvious in the story but more important are the relationships and bonds formed between between Jamie, C.J., Mattie, Sol, Danny and the local Amish community.  During their 'down time' from a busy schedule in the 'English' world Jamie and C.J. each had a chance with the help of their new friends to reflect on their own problems and possible solutions.  The Christmas holiday was not what they expected but maybe time in an Amish winter wonderland was what they needed. 

~Beth H.

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