Monday, March 2, 2009

Mozilla Firefox "Foxmarks" Bookmarks Organizer

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, once stated that his mission was "a computer on every desk and in every home". His dream has been realized three and four times over. I currently use 2 computers at work, a desktop at home, and a laptop, so usually I'm never far away from 1 of 4 computers at any given time.

The problem with this is that I can never get all my computers "synced" with the same programs, browers, music, bookmarks, pictures, etc.

Mozilla's popular Firefox browser has solved the browser and bookmarks problem with its "Foxmarks" add-on.

Simply google "foxmarks". You will have to download and install the Foxmarks software on each computer you use. Once installed, you will be prompted to register a Foxmarks username and password, then Foxmarks instantly syncs your browser's bookmarks on whatever computer you're using at the time, which is wonderful if you like one-click access to websites you use numerous times daily, and if you decide to delete or add bookmarks, Foxmarks will automatically sync those changes on your other computers.


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