Monday, March 9, 2009

Generations Online in 2009 published by Pew

Have you seen Generations Online in 2009 published by Pew Research Center?
Contrary to the image of Generation Y as the "Net Generation," internet users in their twenties do not dominate every aspect of online life. Generation X is the most likely group to bank, shop and look for health information online. Boomers are just as likely as Generation Y to make travel reservations online. And even Silent Generation internet users are competitive when it comes to email (although teens might point out that this is proof that email is for old people).--from Pew

Some interesting stuff:

  • The biggest increase in internet use since 2005 can be seen in the 70-75 year-old age group
  • Younger internet users use social networking sites (Facebook-my insertion) to keep track of and communicate with friends, and Teens and Generation Y are also significantly more likely than older generations to send instant messages to friends.
  • 74% of internet users age 64 and older send and receive email, making email the most popular online activity for this age group
  • Online teens are also significantly more likely to play games than any other generation, including Generation Y, only half (50%) of whom play online games.
  • The workplace online network is expanding to include more Generation Y users. Internet users 18-32 are going online more than ever to do research for their jobs. In 2007, 51% said they used the internet for their jobs other than for email, compared with 44% of the same group in 2005.
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