Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Murder She Wrote : The Maine Mutiny by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

The people of Cabot Cove were busy planning the upcoming Lobersterfest. The main attraction would be lobsters and the heroes of the event would be the men who spend their lives catching the lobster and who in turn will provide the crustaceans for the festival. The broker who buys the catch from each lobster man is not being fair with the very low prices he pays. Therefore Mr. Pettie is a very unpopular man among many. Talk around the docks is that the lobster men could get more money forming a co-op or going elsewhere and not dealing with Mr. Pettie. Jessica has agreed to write an article for the festival edition of the Gazette and tell about lobstering so she has arranged to accompany one of the lobster men on his boat for a day. That was a helpful and memorable day for her. It was not as memorable as another day before the festival when she was almost killed and then left to die on the ocean. Though it appeared to be obvious to the sheriff who was responsible for murder, attempted murder and destruction of property, Jessica and the accused knew better. Somehow the truly guilty person or persons needed to be revealed without hurting more people and before the festival.

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