Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thief in Retreat A Sister Agatha Mystery by Aimee and David Thurlo

Archbishop Miera has enlisted the help of Sister Agatha and Pax, the white German Shepherd. When the Church sold the former Monastery of Saint John in the Pines to Mr. and Mrs. Luna it became an inn called The Retreat. The Archbishop assigned Sister Agatha to examine and catalog crates of artifacts left behind by the monks. He also sent her to help solve the theft of several art pieces at The Retreat and a ghostly appearance. When Sister Agatha and Pax arrived they caused quite a stir- a nun riding a red Harley with a German Shepherd riding in the side car. Everyone who met them there were automatically put at ease by this unique pair. Sister and Pax took up residence in the library where she worked with the artifacts belonging to the Church. Pax was on guard when she was out. Since she tended to be up late at night she had occasion to see Juanita, the ghost. Writers at a conference being held at The Retreat gave imaginative theories for the mysterious happenings. Rumors explained who Juanita had been and why she roamed The Retreat halls. But they did not explain the disappearance of sacred art or the substitution of fakes. While Sister was there the thefts continued, a manuscript disappeared and so did people and then a body was discovered. Now the local sheriff was called in on the case. And he did not like the interference of Sister Agatha at all. But she was on duty for the Church and continued her investigations along with her protector, Pax.

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Sandra said...

Beth, I always enjoy your reviews. Thanks for posting! Mysteries aren't my usual cup of tea, but the image of a nun riding a red Harley with a white German Shepard in the side car is intriguing and sounds like fun. May have to give this one a try.