Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bliss to You Trixie's Guide to a Happy Life by Trixie and Dean Koontz

Trixie was a beautiful and fun loving Golden Retriever. She enriched the lives of Dean and his wife for many years. Now she is gone but has dictated this book to Dean's computer for him to share with us. Understand that the priorities that we have in life may be some different from those of Trixie but her purpose is to help us achieve bliss. Each chapter is Trixie giving short, pithy suggestions on finding another part of bliss. Two chapters are on dog wisdom. Throughout she wants us to do or experience whatever makes us happy and relax. Trixie finds ecstasy in dog biscuits, a good roll in the yard or a tummy scratch. Each page is short as is the entire book. It is a quick read but take your time and relax with it. Think of Trixie saying these things to you and just romping in the yard as you enjoy life with her. This is a good read to break the tension and hectic pace of our daily lives. Let Trixie help you discover a priority shift.

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