Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Incredible Book Eating Boy...and girls.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers is a favorite of mine. 

It is the story of a boy, Henry, who loves books and one day accidentally discovers they taste good too. The more books Henry 'enjoys' the more knowledge he gains until one day all that information he ingested by eating the books is just too much to digest. Henry has to find a new way to savor good books and absorb all that wonderful knowledge, and of course he does.

This summer as the books fly off the shelves here in the Homewood Public Library Children's Department, it kind of feels like our Summer Readers are devouring our books just like Henry! Reading logs are being sticker-ed, weekly treats being earned, check-out receipts being stamped for Bike slips, and of course hundreds of books being checked out in an attempt to win the the Nook Tablet that will be given away to one child this summer. It's as if they just can't get enough great books this summer!

Henry's discovery that books are 'delectable treats' make for a very silly tale, but the truth is books are a pretty satisfying way to spend a summer day... NO, NOT EATING BOOKS but curling up with one or two... or well lots and lots of them! Especially the red ones... but no teeth marks please!

You can place a hold on it here.

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