Monday, April 2, 2012

Why Aren't There More eBooks?

A library, unlike a regular person, cannot purchase an eBook from Amazon or Barnes & Noble and then lend it out to another person. Libraries can buy a printed book from these companies, place it on the shelf, and lend it out. Digital content is treated differently by the publishers and the companies who manage digital content licensing.

We want to offer as many eBooks as we can to our patrons; however, the publishers' policies are preventing us from doing so. Please know that we are committed to advocating for a change to these restrictive policies.

Many publishers will not sell or license eBooks to libraries. We think that's wrong. If you do too, you can write or call each publisher to let them know what you think. For your convenience, the addresses and a sample letter are provided here.  

Looking for our eBook Collection? Click here to continue to eBooks.

The above are just a few of the titles not available as library eBooks due to publisher restrictions.

Thank you for helping us help you!

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