Thursday, April 5, 2012

Little Dog Lost

In January 2010, the world watched as a lone dog was rescued from a piece of ice floating on the Vistula River near Grudziadz, Poland. This poor mutt had been stranded for days and no one could figure out how he got there. It took several days to rescue him. Firefighters tried, but they could not get close enough to save him. The dog fell into the water several times and ended up drifting 15 miles off shore into the Baltic Sea. Finally he was saved by the crew of the scientific research vessel R/V Baltica, who adopted the brave dog and named him Baltic.

This little dog’s brave story captured the hearts of millions. Mônica Carnesi,
 who is an artist and a librarian, was fascinated with the story. She immediately set to work on her very first picture book so she could keep Baltic’s amazing rescue story alive. Little Dog Lost: The True Story of a Brave Dog Named Baltic teaches children the endearing story of a dog that no one would give up on. Through sparse text and sweet illustrations, children not learn of Baltic’s daring rescue but the care he needed to recover after such an ordeal. It is always nice to see a picture book about a true story that has a happy ending. Children will love reading about Baltic’s amazing journey from floating on a piece of ice to capturing the hearts of the world.

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