Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Murder, She Wrote: The Fine Art of Murder by Donald Bain and Jessica Fletcher

Friends had encouraged Jessica to take a vacation to relax.  So she went to Rome, Italy, for her enjoyment, not as a research trip for another book.  But while there she 'experienced' the world of art theft.  Having a gun pointed directly at her and being pushed hard enough to send her to the hospital as well as witnessing a murder certainly kept her from relaxing.  When she returned to the U.S., writing her next novel consumed her time and was progressing quite nicely until she had an unexpected visitor.  The step son of a friend in Chicago appeared on her doorstep soon after his father was murdered.  Jessica became involved in investigation of the Chicago case and the art theft and murder in Italy as well as supporting her friend.  When Mafia involvement became an issue Jessica was really scared.  She certainly was not in control of this investigation.  

The descriptions of the architecture and art in Italy are good and help imagine the setting of the story and objects of the crimes.  I enjoyed this fast paced story revealing the world of art theft.  It is a change of pace to have Jessica 'along' for the ride.

We have this book in the Adult Department or you can reserve it in the catalog. ~Beth H.

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