Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dakota Dawn by Lauraine Snelling, Book one, The Dakota Plains series

Nora Johanson traveled from Norway to North Dakota to marry the man she loved.  There were difficulties going by ship and train with many delays.  Upon arrival at her destination she had only four cents remaining and no one met her train.  As it was late at night, cold and she did not have money for a hotel room, the depot master took her to the pastor's house.  There she became friends with Ingeborge and Reverend Moen and their children.  They, too, spoke Norwegian so she was able to relay her story to them.  It seems her intended had died of the fever before Nora arrived in North Dakota.  Until she found a place for herself she could stay with the Moen family.  The situation she found for her to work and live was most unexpected and most certainly a hard path. 

Place this book on hold in the catalog. It is also available in large print.

~Beth H.

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