Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Series!! Conspiracy 365: January

You have 365 days!” Fifteen year old Cal Ormond has been warned and the clock is ticking! He has just one year to solve a family mystery, but he does not understand why everyone is after him! Cal is determined to solve the mystery that his father discovered in Ireland, which ultimately led to his death! January is the first month of Cal’s race! He has a series of mysterious clues left by his father and a band of goons chasing him down. Worst of all, his family believes he has committed horrible crimes. His only option to survive is go on the run. This first installment sets up the series and it is sure to be jammed pack with adventure, action, and plenty of twists and turns! Will Cal be able to out run the thugs chasing him? What kind of ulterior motive is his father’s identical twin brother hiding? Will he be able to decipher the drawings left by his father? Who would want to hurt his family? Will he survive all the plots to kill him? Will he ever be able to find out who killed his father? If you want to know the answers to these questions, and you know you do after reading January, then prepare yourself for a series that is going to have you on the edge of you seat! January is the first of the Conspiracy 365 series, written by Australian author Gabrielle Lord, which will release a new book every month. 12 Months, 12 Books. Each month a new book will tell of Cal’s struggle to find the truth surrounding the mysterious death of his father and his fight for survival. This series will have you hooked! It was recommended to me by a patron, who was in search of the next installment. According to her and her son, every boy in the 5th grade was trying to get their hands on this series and I can see why! As soon as I finished January, I couldn’t find February quick enough! Check out this trailer for the series!
Also, you can visit the Conspiracy 365 Website to find out more information on the series and author! To place a hold on January, click here!

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