Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Halloween Picture Books in the Children's Department

Halloween is just around the corner!!! Have you gotten your Halloween books yet? Don’t fear! We are still getting new spooky, frightful, and absolutely delightful books in the Children’s department everyday! Check out these two new ones that just arrived today! You can place a hold on these new additions by simply clicking on the title!

Boris and Bella by Carolyn Crimi

Boris and Bella are absolutely, completely opposite of each other! Boris is the tidiest monster in Booville! He even vacuums his vampire bats and dusts his cobwebs! Bella Legrossi, on the other hand, is just too messy! You can barely get in her house from the pile of lizards blocking her door! So what is the town of Booville to do when these two opposites each throw a Halloween party? Did I mention that Boris and Bella are sworn enemies and neighbors?

Vampire Boy's Good Night by Lisa Brown

Bela, the vampire boy is determined to find children, even though his witch friend Morgan says they simply do not exist. Together they set out, on October 31st, to find these mysterious creatures called children! Unfortunately they cannot seem to find any children! Before they head home, they decide to join a Halloween party, maybe they will find what they are looking for there! Lisa Brown, the author and illustrator, created a book trailer to go along with the story!

Both these stories have amazing illustrations that will sure to entertain you and your children as you unwind from a long night of trick-or-treating. Don’t forget that if you come to the Children’s Department in your Halloween costume, we will give you a yummy treat!
Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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