Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Tempest Tales by Walter Mosely

If someone told you to go to Hell would you go? What if that someone was St. Peter himself? Would you be bold enough to take a step back, look over your life, and decide, “Nope, I’m not going”.

That’s what the latest character in Walter Mosley’s novel does. Tempest Landry unexpectedly finds himself damned to hell for living the life of an unrepentant sinner. However, before descending to the bowels of the never regions he questions why he should be sentenced to Hell.

Tempest is sent back to earth with the Head Accounting Angel. It’s the Accounting Angel’s job to get Tempest to agree that he should indeed go to Hell. If he agrees, all is well; if not, then all hell will literally break loose in Heaven and Hell.

Can an angel fall in love? Can one man say no to both Heaven and Hell? Read The Tempest Tales to find out. We also have this book-on-CD.

~The Circulator (L. Jones)

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