Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CCleaner Drive Cleaner

CCleaner is one of the top free drive cleaners/utility tools available for Windows operating systems. As of January 2010, CCleaner boasted over 375 million downloads.

CCleaner drive cleaning tool works with IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari browsers. It removes temporary files, browsing history, cookies, download history, and password/form history. CCleaner can also be configured to wipe the entire free space on your hard drives, removing any random bits that get strewn out during program installations.

It also cleans Recycle Bin and clears your recent documents list.

What puts CCleaner ahead of other drive utilities are its tools beyond browser cleaning.

CCleaner also includes a registry cleaner that can remove missing .dlls and unused file extensions that accumulate after installing and uninstalling programs. The registry cleaner has a super simple user interface, with a one click "scan for issues" and one click "fix selected issues" button.

3 other great tools are found in the "Tools" section of CCleaner. You can uninstall programs directly from the CCleaner tools menu, and the interface is much easier than using Windows control panel.

You can also enable and disable programs that run during startup from the "Tools" menu. This is something you'd normally have to do using the "msconfig" command from the Windows command prompt. CCleaner makes this process much simpler, and does not require restarting your system.

There is also a "System Restore" option in the "Tools Menu" for more advanced users that can help diagnose Windows errors likely caused by faulty drivers or user error and will restore your system to its last successful restore point recorded in Windows.

CCleaners clean and simple interface along with its easy to use system tools is a great tool for everyday users to keep their system clean and running optimally.


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