Friday, August 28, 2009

The Victory Club by Robin Lee Hatcher

This story illustrates how WWII turned life upside down for many people- including those waiting here for loved ones fighting somewhere in the world, either North Africa or England, Europe or the Pacific.

Margo and Dottie, Lucy (Anderson) and Penelope worked at Gowen Field in a defense plant. They rode a bus together, worked together and ate lunch together as they formed supportive relationships. Margo's son, Greg, was fighting somewhere in the world. Dottie and Greg were engaged. What Margo did not know, yet, was that Greg fathered Dottie's child before going to war. Lucy's husband, Richard, is also fighting somewhere and Lucy is more lonely than she realizes. When the owner of the grocery market innocently approached Lucy about becoming friends, things got out of hand. Penelope sees her friends and total strangers doing their part for the war effort either fighting or rationing or collecting things like rubber. Her husband, Stewart, is home with a hurting back. He is not even working at a defense plant. Penelope wonders if his back is really hurt or if he is a coward. Pen is very frustrated with him, the children and her life. These four friends have each other for support but is that enough? Communicating with their loved ones is difficult knowing the censors will be reading very private messages. And some things may be better left unsaid in a letter anyway. Margo, Dottie and Lucy were feeling their way, doing what they could to survive and keep hope alive. Pen was more lost in her feelings and behavior. But they were all friends and so they tried to help each other as much as possible.

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