Monday, July 6, 2009

Romantic Beach Reads - we've got 'em!

Paperback romances are perfect books to take to the beach because they are compact, light-weight & easily fit into purses or beach bags. Just click the links below to reserve in the catalog & drop by to pick them up!

    So here are some suggestions for terrific summer reading.

    If you like fantasy, try Truly, Madly Viking by Sandra Hill, which features a time-traveling Viking. Or Thoroughly Kissed by Kristine Grayson, a modern variant of the Sleeping Beauty story. Finding Mr. Right by Emily Carmichael, is about a vet & a photographer/dog rescuer who meet over a stray dog who is the reincarnation of a woman with a big debt to repay. In Patricia Gaffney's Outlaw in Paradise, a lovely saloon-keeper falls in love with a gunslinger. At least, she thinks he's a gunslinger. Isn't he?

    The heroic exploits of Whip Montana, in Geralyn Dawson's The Kissing Stars, have made him a folk hero among the people of west Texas, but to Tess Cameron he is no hero at all, he's the husband who walked out on her twelve long years ago. Mason St. Clair in Elizabeth Boyle's No Marriage of Convenience needs to marry a fortune, & quickly -- however, he falls in love with an actress who's definitely in debt. In Victoria Alexander's The Husband List, it is Lady Gillian Marley who must marry & within two months, or else she forfeits her inheritance. So she proposes to Richard, Lord Shelbrooke -- but finds he wants more than a marriage of convenience. In Susan Andersen's contemporary romance, All Shook Up, JD Carver comes into an unexpected inheritance -- part of a resort lodge in the state of Washington. He also falls in love with his new co-owner. Lady Sophia Howard, in Jill Barnett's Wicked, has lots of money for her dowry, but this medieval heroine wants Sir Tobin, the knight she's betrothed to, to love her for herself, not just her money.

    And finally, some of the early titles of Jennifer Crusie are coming out in reprint. Keep your eyes peeled for Getting Rid of Bradley -- but don't read it on an airplane sitting next to your 15-year-old son. You'll laugh so hard you'll embarrass him. ~by Ann Bouricius for Novelist

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