Friday, July 10, 2009

The Mermaid in the Basement a Lady Trent Mystery by Gilbert Morris

In London, 1857, the Newton family was part of the peerage and the genteel society. Dr. Newton had raised his daughter, Serafina, to be a scientist and very serious minded. Her sister, Dora, and brother, Clive, were neither logically minded or serious. Clive was more fun loving which is why he spent time with the actors and actresses at the Old Vic theatre. He was especially attracted to the actress Kate and he was often seen and heard giving her his attentions. Therefore, it was no surprise when Clive was arrested by the Superintendent and Inspector of Scotland Yard for the murder of Kate. Clive had wanted Kate and when she treated him badly he had been heard threatening to kill her. This was an upsetting blow to the Newton family and Serafina vowed to investigate and do whatever possible to see her brother released and to find the real murderer. She soon realized that she was unfamiliar with most of London life and districts so she enlisted the help of one of the actors who was acquainted with the London of the lower classes. Though the evidence against Clive was great and it seemed a simple case, Serafina and Dylan Tremayne were not easily discouraged. Along the way Serafina and Dora learned to value another side of life which until recently was not known to them.

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