Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Secret (Seasons of Grace, book one) by Beverly Lewis

Judah Byler is an Amish sheep farmer. He and Lettie are the parents of Adam, Joe, Grace and Mandy. Lettie's parents live under the same roof but in their own side of the house. Each person knows their jobs and they do them which makes for harmonious living. But lately Lettie has been restless and has even been seen walking the roads and pastures during the night. She hasn't told anyone what is bothering her. Judah is busy day and night caring for the ewes and new lambs. Grace is of courting age and often attends the singings on Sunday evenings. One day Lettie talked to Grace about Henry. She just wanted Grace to think now what married life to such a quiet man would be. The next evening Henry proposed to Grace and she accepted. That very night Grace saw her mother leaving with a suitcase and she wouldn't stop when Grace called out to her. Where was she going and why? Later Grace found the letter Lettie had left her. Judah read it, too. The contents of that letter really did not help the family. As the community learned of Lettie's absence the rumors began to fly. How many people are hurt by the actions of one?

In a city far removed from Amish country lives Heather, a successful woman who has received devastating news from her doctor. Instead of following the prescribed treatment she has decided to take a lengthy vacation at an Amish bed and breakfast run by a neighbor of the Bylers. She hopes an alternative treatment will heal her and being in this peaceful setting is already helping her spirit.

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