Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Hop, Skip and a Jump Through the Bible by J. Ellsworth Kalas

At first this appears to be a survey course of the Bible with quick descriptions of each book. Dr. Kalas has gone beyond describing each book and ties them together. He begins by talking about why the Bible was written and discusses the plot which begins before Genesis and runs through the Old Testament, the intertestamental period and through the New Testament. As he explains the content of each book he includes explanations about the types of literature and features that help the reader to better understand and appreciate the meaning such as repeated or parallel phrases in The Psalms. Also for each book he explains how it continues the plot line God has revealed to us. Dr. Kalas talks to us about God and His Love for us and His revelation to us. Whether the Bible is a new adventure or an old friend to the reader this book gives a fresh perspective to an ongoing story.

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