Saturday, September 20, 2008

Reason Magazine

reason magazine
I love magazine subscriptions. I usually sign up for several each year, only to let the subscriptions lapse because I find new titles to follow. Just this year I tried Rolling Stone, American Photo, National Geographic, U.S. News & World Report, Guitar World, and Scientific American, and I'm only renewing two of them.

This space is usually for reviewing book-length works, but if there are readers like me who follow periodicals closely as well, I'll recommend the one magazine title I've followed religiously for the past three years.

reason magazine is a monthly magazine published by the Reason Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes libertarian thought. I'm a news/political junkie, but it's difficult to get actual news because most media outlets now are forced to choose a political side due to reader/viewership and advertiser demands, reason's non-profit status makes for a little more objectivity and a little less slant.

reason covers politics, science, arts, and literature, always with an eye on how economics applies to each of these. The "Brickbats" column features humorous news on how little common sense our government sometimes uses. reason's book reviews are the most in-depth I've read, spanning three to six pages and often including short interviews with the author.

While I don't always agree with every article in reason (I think it sometimes slavishly follows an atheistic objectivism where simple libertarianism would do) it does cause me to do one thing that as a former high school teacher I know lots of young people don't do, read and think.


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Cheryl Burnette said...

Great review & I'm glad to learn of this magazine!