Tuesday, September 9, 2008

At Home in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad

Barbara Strong caught the bridal bouquet while everyone watched. Including the sheriff. Since she had moved to Dry Creek with her children it seemed that people did not trust her or accept her in their midst. Actually Sheriff Wall had asked the citizens of Dry Creek to let her get settled in her home before asking her for favors, to be on committees or do odd jobs for social functions. He also asked the ranch hands not to date her for a year. In the meantime, he had her under surveillance. Barbara's ex-husband was in prison for his part in a robbery. But the money had never been recovered and the FBI hoped Barbara would lead them to it or at least one of the other robbers. What they did not know or believe was that she was trying to forget Neal and make a new life for herself, Amanda and Bobby. Life for Barbara took on new excitement and purpose when she agreed to help Sheriff Wall with his reelection campaign. He really did not feel the need of a campaign but liked the idea of meeting with Barbara and becoming better acquainted with her. Soon Linda at the cafe in town and Mrs. Hargrove were helping Carl in his efforts to date Barbara, even though she said they were meetings, not dates. She was not interested in dating or marriage again. She just wanted to be a good mother for Amanda and Bobby. Someday, too, she hoped the people of Dry Creek would include her in their events-maybe even ask her to pour coffee at a social. The sheriff and ranch hands in the area found that she was a caring and enjoyable addition to their town.

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