Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Julia!

Julia Child would have celebrated her 100th birthday today if she was still with us, and if she were I am sure she would celebrate with good food and friends.
This month you should also savor all that Julia Child brought to the table of the culinary arts by indulging in these delectable books, e-books, audiobooks, biographies and yes, even a movie about America's first and most beloved celebrity chef.

Happy 100th Julia!

Click here to check out the book that begin Julia Child's career in the big old hardback version.


Click here to check out this book about a friendship that begin as the result of a column by DeVoto's husband written in Harper Publications' Easy Chair decrying the ubiquitous, dull, stainless steel American paring knife .


Click here to check out the E-Book version of this books about Julia's experience in France.


Click here to check the audiobook format of this newest publication.


Click here to check out this well written Juvenial Biography.
Julie & Julia 

Click here to check out the DVD if the 2009 movie based on Julie Powell's blog and book.
I will end with one of my favorite Julia quotes 
“Everything in moderation... including moderation.”

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