Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blogging with Children

Some people love to blog and some people do it very well and some people do it with children.                  

That is what popped into my head when I saw the cover of May's Birmingham magazine. While flipping through the Children's Department's copy, I read the article 'Mom Online"  by Carla Jean Whitley. It is a look at the growing number of local 'Moms' who are sharing their insight on everything from childcare to shopping, through blogs.

Five local blogs and bloggers are showcased in this piece: Laura Kate Whiney and; Angie Cleland and Trish Bogdanchik and; Ashley; Paula; and Christie Dedman's blog is mentioned and is found at
The article gives a little background on each of these blogs and the Moms who created them. While the bloggers are all Moms, the individual Moms' backgrounds are as diverse as are their blogs' philosophy, look, and content. A couple seem driven by ad sales; one is hosted on; a couple have a kind of artistic feel, like you're reading a journal; and one celebrates the area and events of the town it is named for. All the blogs share personal insight, experience, and offer tips. All are well done, which explains why local readers are making them popular.

Some people love to blog. Personally, I am not one of them. I find it completely intimidating, ergo the length of time between my posts on this site. But blogging is currently a popular genre of writing because it allows for the sharing  of lots of perspectives and ideas. There are a lot of blogs, but just like with any writing only some do it very well, and these Moms do it well and with children! That is impressive indeed. 

Happy Mothers Day to these Mom's and all you Moms this week. Where would we here in the Children's Department of the Homewood Public Library be without you!

Dona Smith
Childen's Librarian

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