Friday, February 3, 2012

Alabama Gives Day was a Success for Jefferson Co. Libraries!

Well you did it! Thanks to you, the Jefferson County Library Cooperative raised $10,773 from 313 unique donors in one day and earned The People's Choice Award, and placed #5 in the Top 10 Alabama Nonprofits. Wow! It was fantabulous because Alabama really does give. Your donation will help keep alive our "One county-One library card" system. And thank you Alabama Gives Day for sponsoring this successful event to benefit Alabama nonprofits. 
By the way, you can still give on the website.
Here are several testimonials from the website: 
"The library rocks! Especially our Jefferson County libraries! I've always said, I could live just about anywhere with very little IF I lived within walking distance of one of our libraries!" 
"I love the fact that all Jefferson County libraries are connected, and that you can go online to locate books, music, and movies that would not be feasible if you had to go to every library to locate. The librarians are always friendly and helpful as well." 
"My library gives me a place to relax and get a hold of some great books w/out having to spend my whole paycheck. I love books and reading and w/out my library, I would have a household of books and be penniless because I would buy every book I could." 
"I love the library. I've used the library's books to diet and exercise, cook and reorganize, to raise children and put myself to sleep at night. I used to read books but now I listen to them, sometimes download them. I'm studying Spanish, too."

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